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to keep out the mice

The old order, it is good for the old. A farmer wants his son to be afraid of beautiful women, so that he will not leave home too soon, so he tells a story about how one drowned his brother’s cousin’s friend in a lake, not because he was a pig who deserved to be drowned, but because beautiful women are bad, and also witches. And it doesn’t matter that she didn’t ask to be beautiful, or to be born in a lake, or to live forever, or to not know how men breathe until they stop doing it.
Deathless, Catherynne M. Valente

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[stock] when in doubt wear red

Am I going to be That Jerk?

The jerk who shows up after a year of radio silence to post her holiday love meme link?

holiday love meme 2013
happy hols, sunshinefaces


Which—oh my god, I should do an end of year post or sommat, I have STORIES. Of pain and glory alike. Presently applying to hella grad school, doing a thesis on Measure for Measure (EYYYYY), just got scouted by an old Russian acting coach who taught Michael Cerveris and Kerry Washington and David Hyde Pierce WHAT?????? to maybe dramaturg for her play about Dante?????? WHAT??????????????? (This year has been all ABOUT Dante!!) The Good Wife is bonkers! I've listened to nothing but kpop for the past month!! This summer I got hit on by a member of the Scottish peerage while at a Bruce Springsteen concert!!! You don't know anything and there's so much to know! How the hell are you?
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it's christmas eve, babe, in the drunk tank

YEAH it is. Officially twelve minutes into Christmas, like six hours and/or a lifetime into the drunk tank. Have I told y'all lately that I love you?

This is specifically for vega_ofthe_lyre, who might not've done yuletide but still deserves ALL OF THE GIFTS, because I love her and because she is the best of the best of the best. So without further ado: a très Borgia (Theatrical) Christmas Eve. Happiest, happiest hols, babycakes. I made you a murder present. Hint: Cesare Borgia paying very special visits for very special reasons.

painless ghosts, of which she knows
pg-13. ~3k. theatrical studios!au. (canonical code word: cesena.)

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[stock] when in doubt wear red

don't go DADADADoooown the moouUUUUNTAIN

Hey all, GUESS WHAT, IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE DAY, and I come with GIFTS even if the target gift audience is PROBABLY MYSELF (we just can't tell!).

  Holy Roller
  R. ~8K Wonderfalls.
  Jaye-centric, Jaye/Eric, Aaron/Mahandra.
  ( It's not the full picture, but it's a pretty corner. )

Basically: a couple of days after I finished Wonderfalls, I thought, hey, know what this show would be good for? Christmas fic! And then I couldn't reall not do that, could I? It seemed like a show where I wanted to make the characters wear ugly knit sweaters and inhabit scenes cast in brightly-coloured fairylight glow, and I don't think I'm wrong about that.

Also the show is perfect Just As It Is, 'tis the season to give a thousand Bridget Jones toasts to such things, but even so, I still have things to fix, i.e. making up for SO MUCH LOST MAKEOUTS TIME. (And, come on, SEXUAL-SERVICING TIME.)
[th] state secrets

sweet of you to offer, but i might be clinically insane.

The other night I decided to try to do a Real Girl Blog Post about Wonderfalls, which is still a good idea and will at some point be finished, only it was 2:30 and I ended up crying-laughing-laughing-crying and listening to that terrible dumb 00s-still-feels-like-the-90s song that swells at the finale. Why is this, of all shows, the one to hit me with Katharsis-with-a-K, after all this time, after all my many TV failings?

I mean, it is sort of perfect for said TV failings, i.e. it's a single 13-ep season and I did it in what amounts to a patchwork week. And—fun fact—it's the first show in a long time that didn't come to me with recs or caveats or, like, anything. Nobody told me to watch Wonderfalls, I just remembered at some point a few weeks back that Lee Pace had been in another Bryan Fuller show and was like, oh, yeah, I should watch that, shouldn't I?

YEAH, OKAY, THAT WORKED OUT GREAT. I mean, it did! But! A kind of greatness that comes with being weird and lachrymose! And now I have nobody to blame, which is v. unsatisfying, like: WHO DID THE THING???—oh, hang on, it was me, I did the thing to myself.


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So now I'm following up Wonderfalls by rewatching Wonderfalls. Will probably do this for the next six months; what's a balanced TV diet. But I did stay caught up with The Hour and my god, can we talk about what a level up that season was, collectively? Acting-wise, everyone BROUGHT it, Romola and Ben in their scenes together (was fine with that ship last season, was obSESSED this season just because the two of them would get 10x better the minute they shared a scene—and oh my, that finale was good to them, her lit-up face and the way she put her fingers to her lips), Marnie Madden as a real character at laaaaast and the Maddens on equal footing and relearning each other and being wonderful married icons, ANNA CHANCELLOR KILLING IT WITH EVERY DAMN BREATH. And Kiki Delaine, who was like a gift to me personally. I had sophomore-season performance anxiety issues for that show because s1 was so solid and self-contained: I hoped s2 would be good, but didn't know what they were going to do, exactly, to open it up. So: hoped for good, was not prepared for it to be that good. What a motherfucking season of TV.

Also I saw Skyfall twice, it was amazing, I love the goddamn Bond franchise in a forever way.

Life post later. Home (as in Massachusetts) tomorrow. In the meantime, come talk to me about shows.