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So. Read House of M, had a mild nervous breakdown of amazing at 3 in the morning, and have since caught up with the world of comics re. the kids I care about. Am I good or am I good? O beautiful, beautiful, fucked-up Maximoffs—I was more than sad to leave the weirdo AU behind, but I'm still not fully over book 7. I—I see that there are issues with it as a transformative story point, and with Wanda's powers, but I can't help loving it, in spite or because of all that. I love that she's both the most fragile person in the 'verse and the most powerful—she basically has the entire godhead not just at her fingertips but in her head, catalogued in potentialities; it would fray anyone, and it's not like Magneto's kids are made for mental stability to begin with (oh Pietro, you might actually be crazier than your sister. HE PERSUADED HER TO REWRITE THE FABRIC OF REALITY FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD rather than lose her—kids, kiiids, that is not a rational coping mechanism and also never change ever). So her breakdown doesn't feel quite like, say, the RTD-companion girls-with-godhead problem (where the power is too much and must be removed from these ordinary women who can't handle it), if only because, bless comics canon, she's never going to lose her power. And she's more powerful than anyone else in the 'verse, so...I don't know, I just find her relentlessly riveting, and I can't even deal with her relationship with her brother, on either level. On that note, Pietro Maximoff: Jaime Lannister of the 'verse, like, absurdly so. Between reading Silent War (which wasn't his story per se but whatever the Inhumans are super ridiculous and amazing and rad and I really should backtrack to see that arc through) and bouncing up to Children's Crusade (which I like because it's all about Wanda but will like more, I think, now that she's actually there for the story to revolve around, rather than spending all my time with the Young Avengers, who embarrass me more often than not—I just, I can't do kid narratives, you guys), I read X-Factor: The Quick and the Dead, which isn't that good and is kind of the Tinkerbell Jesus mess of this particular canon, but Pietro Maximoff is a ridiculous creature with the worst life; the first panel was him sitting in prison moaning his sister's name and I had to cover my mouth to muffle a wail of mixed hilarity and emotion. His entire broke-down internal monologue is the most ridiculous, again, Jaime Lannister shit. Basically he loses his shit and wails about his sister a lot and his books aren't that great but his headfuckery I thoroughly enjoy. In conclusion: favorites. The next episode of Children's Crusade is coming out on the 28th and I am fully planning to be a bouncy dork about it.

I'm flirting with continuing my comics adventures, but meanwhile I'm juggling too much TV (have got to finish Kings so that I can start watching Carnivàle) and too many books (Master and Margarita, which I've had no time to sit down with and is suffering for it; Enough About Love, which is fortuitously quick by compare and SO FRENCH; Anno Dracula, which is a Victorian AU where Count Dracula becomes Queen Victoria's queen consort, which is all you need to know about that, I think; A Discovery of Witches, which I snitched from my aunt because Oxonian library feelings!! and am since regretting because the prose is an actual embarrassment—why does anyone think first person is a good idea ever? Spare me. Oh, and I'm thinking about procuring Gormenghast—never mind the sheer terror of the stack that's half listing by my bookshelves and half still lurking unpacked in boxes downstairs, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh help) and too many writing projects (MOTHER OF GOD, BRAIN, I'M ALREADY JUGGLING DOPPELGÄNGERS AND TRYING TO MAYBE NEGOTIATE SOME SERIAL KILLER ROYALS ON AN ALCHEMICAL-LODESTONE MOUNTAIN, I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO RETURN TO THEATRE!AU—oh god, I'm writing the precursor/prologue to the Guinevere project and it's delicious character business to gnaw on but also the messiest, roughest draft that I've ever written in my entire life, no shit; this project feels immense in ways that are both scary and exciting), and that just makes me write all the short fiction! Practicable choices, yeah yeah!

(Besides, I have to learn to plot without porn for at least a bit. Oh, that. Gosh, that's becoming foreign, innit.

I wish I was kidding more.)

So I'm bringing this noise back:

MAKEOUT MEME: Pick a pairing from any fandom/rpf, and come up with a location and/or situation, and I will write you between 50 and 250 words* a commentfic about the kiss that happened in that context.
*lol word limit; we know better

Prompt me, mes enfants.
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