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the rosary her lips and tongue

Oh man, you guys, BSG has destroyed me. I am a shell of a person with nothing left in me but self-perpetuating feels, I don't know when I'm going to shake this off. (WAY TO DROWN TWO YEARS AFTER THE WELL'S DRIED UP except not really because everyone is forever angry about s4/finale? Bless this shared pain.) Mostly: Caprica Six, you guys. Calculating-vulnerable robot goddess who loves as a weapon with the whole of her body and the whole of her heart; messianic transcendent evangel of the robotic mission who becomes transcendentally human by being the best within her design; most stunning iconic creature most fucked over secondhand for a solid season before finally getting an ending for herself that's simultaneously the happiest and the absolute saddest possible; clear-eyed unapologetic femme fatale survivor Cylon queen of my heart, and also, Tricia Helfer has a face. I'VE BEEN SPIRALING.

Thus, mix (which is surprisingly sonically coherent for being made by me—that never happens! It skews toward, well, LADY ROBOTS, because—tada!—that also happens to be something of a musical genre). vega_ofthe_lyre made me the art, because she's the best one.

SUCCEXY; metric
passive attraction, programmed reaction
action distraction, more information
flesh saturation, lips on a napkin
it's time
you are light
i guess you are afraid of what everyone is made of
YOUR BODY IS A MACHINE; the good natured
i feel the crimson on my lips
now my stomach is lined with gold
i'm broken hearted but my beat's in time
RADIOACTIVE; marina & the diamonds
my heart is nuclear
love is all that i feel
i'm turning radioactive

BEDROOM HYMNS; florence & the machine
sweating out confessions, the undone and the divine
this is his body, this is his love
such selfish prayers and I can't enough
POLAR NETTLES; neko case
his eyes are closed, he mouthed the name
the rosary
her lips and tongue
she is the centrifuge
that throws the spires from the sun

TIME OF THE ASSASSINS; charlotte gainsbourg
in the time of the assassins
they say hallelujah
it doesn't take a miracle to raise a heart from the dead

AVALANCHE; zola jesus
in the end, i saw you: visions of something i wasn't used to
and i let it all go, in my heart, in my body
and it all was going to come around

calendar girl who is lost to the world, stay alive
calendar girl who's in love with the world
stay alive

HALLELUJAH; thao & mirah
we don't want to be the currency gets spent on war
and then come home wondering what was it all for
that's no way to sing hallelujah
no facing this all on my own
'cause you taste the blast and it shook your bones

we survived nuclear seasons.

Tags: bsg, mixes

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