the business of benefiting hussies (marketchippie) wrote,
the business of benefiting hussies

she could make wine out of thames river water

Oops. July happened. Got eaten alive by Russian (it ends this week; that went by super fast! but also THANK YOU SMALL GODS I AM READY TO SAY ДО СВЕДАНЯ TO THIS GROUP), am slowly emerging, will make a post soon featuring writing feels and future Canadian travelogues and how being able to watch Globe productions on my computer is great and also terrible for my health, but first

Yeah, I'm that person. The worst sort of person, the one who posts memes instead of posts! And you're gonna love me for it anyway, because in the meanwhile, I will be building myself a bridge of Russian case structures and jumping off it. Pray 4 me.
Tags: meme(me!)

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