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Hi, Yuletide author. You got ME, you lucky thing! (And I got YOU!)

Let's get down to business and start building beautiful things.

My requests (or, what you already know):

I really want a Disreputable Adulthood fic. Whatever that looks like—spies, politicians, criminal queenpins, whatever fabulous power-mad premise brings us back to Frankie at her scary-wonderful grown-up height and can enable Frankie/Alpha to get into sexy mastermind clashes. (Bonus points for stories featuring self-indulgent Bond-style globetrotting.
More on this: One of my favorite things about this book is that Frankie's cleverness and forward motion is explicitly an amoral force, and could lead her into a Very Very Good or Very Very Bad future. She could be anything, from president to Carmen Sandiego. I am interested in all of this, in all potential future manifestations of her fabulous unscrupulous genius—and Alpha near-equaling her but also chasing after her, opposing her wherever she ends up. That book left me wanting a LOT more of the two of them. I want makeouts, I want cafés and hotels and as much Thomas Crown shit as you can handle, I want it all, ~*the world is not enough*~ &c.

Helen of Troy as an active agent in her own destiny, as a powerful charismatic godchild whose power is destructive by default of being too immense for one human woman to contain (but she does anyway), as chooser of the man she loved, as culpable in the burning towers if only because they burn in her name—that's my Helen. I'm obsessed with her as a narrative force and as a woman and I'm obsessed with Helen/Paris as a choice and I'm obsessed with Aphrodite's hand in them but also in their relationship with each other and I just want more of them. I really love Paris, he's rubbish, I love him, and I adore HER completely—not as a victim, or as someone for whom the story is trying to apologize, but as a force and a woman and a woman-shaped force, and I will love any story that will let her be that.
Also: Trojan War AUs. ALL of them. (Old Hollywood AU? Prohibition AU? ANY AU. I'm not going to tell you you should set it in space, but you should totally feel welcome to set it in space.
More on this: Whoops, Helen paean in the request box. No, but she's so powerful in the legend and such an interesting legacy of Incandescent Woman Demon (I love legacy-based Woman Demonry, talk to me about Lucrezia Borgia some time) but she's so SILENT in the text and I have found every literary attempt at ~*reclamation*~ wildly frustrating. I want this story to be About Her in all senses of the world, in an unapologetic kind of way, where it hinges on the choices she makes without condemnation, where she is a narrative force and an unearthly force and three-dimensional and touched with inhuman selfishness because she's touched with a bit more than humanity and and and. I think you get the point, I will cease and let you get on with your business. (Also AUs.)

I love absolutely everything about Violet deMauve, ambitious Type-A socialite/fatale that she is, and I love Tommo's fast-talking total lack of scruples, and I just want more of the pair of them—separately or together, but I think they could be a bit of a dreamteam. Not necessarily in a sexy way, but also potentially in a sexy way.
More on this: You have a tonne of freedom here. I have no plot-specificity in mind, I just want ALL OF THE VIOLET, and a great deal more Tommo, on a negotiable basis.

Modern!AU, modern!AU, modern!AU. Actually, quash that: ANY AU. No matter the genre, no matter how ridiculous, just let your narrative indulgence flag fly. I love Margaret (I also happen to love Margaret/Suffolk quite ridiculously, though he's not on The List) and I want to give her All The Stories and I know for a fact that histories!fandom is genius with AUs, so—by God, you've got her at the heart of whatever story you write me, but you've got my permission to go wild with whatever story that is.
More on this: I'm really committedly ridiculous when it comes to this fandom, whoops. My first fic was theatre!AU and I've not gone back. I mean, honestly, though, my favorite thing about this play as text are a) its weird genre-savvy (the Margaret/Suffolk asides as textually asides!), b) its marriage of textual beauty in the height to TOTAL RIDICULOUSNESS IN THE HEIGHT (aforementioned textually-deconstructive COURTLY ROMCOMMM, also WITCHES and SEVERED HEADS and, come on, I am never over Walter "Water" Poole's existence as a prophetic plot point), c) Margaret, d) Margaret/Suffolk, sorry, I'm easy. My point is, this play lends itself to AU-ing because it lends itself to ambitious textual audacious weirdness because THAT IS THE STUFF ON WHICH IT IS MADE. This is really just more of the same, isn't it? I said you should do whatever Margaret-centrism pleases you and I meant it. I am flex and the text is flex.

AUs! If you didn't pick up on that! Gutsy narrative ridiculousness, really strong in-character voices. Mythplay of all kinds, genre-consciousness and story deconstruction; I like fairytales and myths and living story landscapes. Sex as a character tell, and never anything less. Stories about bodies in motion, stories written in the body. Guileless amorality. Shameless aestheticism. High-minded pulp.

children, noncon, Telling Not Showing

Go forth. Be merry. ♥!
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