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AUs! I LOVE AUS! I love AUs, serious and silly alike; I like high-concept nonsense and Yuletide has always been my particular jam because people are so willing to go avant-garde. Spies, theatre, SPACE, WHATEVER.

Last year I said: I like gutsy narrative ridiculousness, really strong in-character voices. Mythplay of all kinds, genre-consciousness and story deconstruction; I like fairytales and myths and living story landscapes. Sex as a character tell, and never anything less. Stories about bodies in motion, stories written in the body. Guileless amorality. Shameless aestheticism. High-minded pulp. All this remains true. Here are past yuletide letters, and if you want to get a hint of my aesthetic taste, here's my tumblr. (Where I have tags for all the below fandoms, just tagged by name, if you want to get a hint of my feelings here or there.)

children, noncon, Telling Not Showing


I'm sorry for requesting this when she's not teeeeeechnically on the list—I missed noms, like a putz—but PLEASE GOD Alma Garret fic is all I want out of life, Alma Garret is the greatest devotion of my soul and if you write her for me I'll sing. I'll fucking sing, and ascend to heaven. Everything about her—her manner (THAT PERFORMANCE), her canniness, her controlled lashing-out, her pettiness and her strained social genius, her flaws and her veneer—hits me in the gut, but especially her relationship with Trixie. I really, really love the two of them together, interacting, the class divide and the reluctant deep fullhearted evolving love between the two of them. Favorite female friendships on TV ever, and if you write me any of them, I'll be perfectly happy. And I love the broader interplay of the two of them with Sol and Seth, that perfectly balanced love square (as in, square of people who love the shit out of each other in triangulated patterns) (that don't touch opposing corners—I love Trixie's prickliness both when she loves and when she's pissed, and damn but I love how little time she has for Seth).

I have all the time in the world for them (plus Martha, actually, while we're at tangential relationships between people who AREN'T ON THE LIST, JEEZ DEADWOODIANS GET IT TOGETHER) and would be giddy reading about all of them. Hell, any AU where they can take a roadtrip would be ruinous and FAB.

Basically, I love this ensemble and their knack for loving each other. I value the women particularly (and I will take Alma Garret fic as a SUPERGIFT in defiance of all rules). The show is brilliant and broad and bighearted and genius-written and there's no end of raw material you can use right there—though, being me, I ain't ever averse to AUs, serious and silly alike.

While this is a show where I adore the shit out of the ensemble at large, the specific light of my life happens to be Diane and Will's relationship—platonic yet sexy, all-consumingly important to both of them not necessarily because either of them, equal and loving and sly and great and perversely proudly parental, just TO A LAW FIRM. I want fucking triumphant happydays Diane/Will, either early days or office shenanigans or whatever god OFFICE SEX (passing the bottle of scotch and laughing at each other and Diane taking off her expensive stockings and the whole deal not affecting great change on their dynamic?)—indulge me, pls, this season is stressing my shit out ALL OF THE WAY.

Alternately: Lockhart/Gardner spy agency au? LOCKHART/GARDNER SPY AGENCY AU.

Real deal: I want femslash between Chelsea and Miss Dickinson 'cause I am shallow and IT'S BASICALLY CANON. I want mutual mentorship—in badness and braininess respectively, them learning from each other and taking on each other's bestworsts and manipulating each other into mutual better/worstness. I want them running cons. This is a sexy dynamic of course, as I said I am not deep and can think of good setpieces involving desks and skirts, but DAMN IT I WOULD LOVE ME SOME HIGH CONCEPT ABSURDITY ALONG WITH THAT. It's St. T's, you're given carte blanche go all-out with stakes.

GOSH! I LOVE THIS SHOW. It makes me laugh a ton, I love everyone, I love the ensemble dynamics, and I'm particularly fond of the Diaz-Santiago friendship. Would take fic just about them drinking after work (...if they did shots and made out, that'd be a-okay too), would take pratfall road trip fic, would take whatever.

If you wanna do a comedy noir AU, that'd also be a lot, in a great way, wouldn't it?

Three words:

(Seriously—Exley drives down to Arizona for a visit while White's recuperating, imposes on Lynn's hostess-ship and liquor cabinet, the three of them are awkward and affectionate and equilibrated and often drunk, everyone profits emotionally, including you and I.)

Anck-Su-Namun/Imhotep, either in flashback falling in love, in-movie-present and navigating reincarnation, or (hopefully?) BOTH. They have been my whole entire shit since I was eleven; you'd score a million points for writing reincarnated Anck-su-namun fic leading up to TMR, but I'd be happy with pure ancient Egypt funtimes, too.

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