the business of benefiting hussies (marketchippie) wrote,
the business of benefiting hussies

Am I going to be That Jerk?

The jerk who shows up after a year of radio silence to post her holiday love meme link?

holiday love meme 2013
happy hols, sunshinefaces


Which—oh my god, I should do an end of year post or sommat, I have STORIES. Of pain and glory alike. Presently applying to hella grad school, doing a thesis on Measure for Measure (EYYYYY), just got scouted by an old Russian acting coach who taught Michael Cerveris and Kerry Washington and David Hyde Pierce WHAT?????? to maybe dramaturg for her play about Dante?????? WHAT??????????????? (This year has been all ABOUT Dante!!) The Good Wife is bonkers! I've listened to nothing but kpop for the past month!! This summer I got hit on by a member of the Scottish peerage while at a Bruce Springsteen concert!!! You don't know anything and there's so much to know! How the hell are you?
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