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It's that time of year again!

Dear Yuletide author (or curious treat-writer :D),

Hi! Happy hols and thank you in advance and Godspeed in the writing—I'm excited you're here; everything here is something I love, and I'm already grateful and delighted.

Before we get to the love, let me just establish some ground rules: sex is fine, but I'd prefer heavily character-oriented work to be grounding the porn. Non-con is not fine. (Especially with Measure for Measure and Eona: both feature consent politics that are murky but deliberative. Mutual desire is established with both of the ships I like. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't.) AUs are more than fine, which you'll see me talk about with some of the prompts. Nothing is sacred—though sacred things are sexy~*~*~

Below, along with the prompts, I've linked you to my tumblr tag for each fandom, which will tell you a little bit about where my head's at where any and all of these universes are concerned. The way I figure it, they can only inform or entertain!

Eon Series, Alison Goodman - Eona, Ido, Moon Orchid
Eon series tag

Mostly, I want eight books' worth of Eona being mentored in SEXY MORAL CORRUPTION by Ido—I could never have predicted at the end of Eon how much I was going to love THEM in Eona, but WOW. They full on had (young adult) sex via dragon magic! Eona could be full on evil if she didn't watch herself! I WANT SO MUCH MORE TIME WITH THAT. I'd love fic where she was his apprentice the first round, I'd love fic where he was her consort while she was Naiso (and tasked, probably, to keep him on a leash). I just want more time with them, their gloriously complicated power differential and their moral turpitude and their infinite chemistry.

Also, I felt VERY SHORTCHANGED only meeting Moon Orchid the once. I'd read backstory fic about her and Kygo ("it's okay to have a body, with Bodily Urges, even when you're royal!" Sexy tutelage and intellectual solace!), and I'd love to find a place for her going forward—like, okay, young adult love triangle whatever but why NOT a square? If there's a universe where Eona gets to keep Ido as her consort, Kygo gets to keep Moon Orchid as his. And I loved the scene between the two girls, too—where Eona's jealous but fascinated—and would love to read more of them together as well, as reluctant friends who teach each other about the many different and complicated sorts of gendered power manipulations. Plus, I'd love more of the courtesan court, its hierarchies and its ceremonies.

Measure for Measure, William Shakespeare - Isabella, Angelo, Mariana
Measure for Measure tag (FULL OF YELLING)

I love this play so much. More, maybe, than it deserves. Why? Isabella and Angelo, Angelo and Isabella, my most dearly beloved awful mutually damaging morally-fucked kids with the same words in their fool mouths. I literally wrote a college dissertation about that because I'm obsessed with it. They are so much of the same make. It's a terrible ship, of course—sexual blackmail and whatnot—but so, so, so gorgeously constructed, in its language and in who they are. These icons of piety, losing their unquestioned purity the minute they meet each other.
I will take ship fic of Isabella and Angelo losing their beautiful awful minds because of how neither of them can manage lust-let-alone-incipient-love feelings in their ridiculous rigid gutting pious self-imposed moral codes.
I will take fill-in-the-play's-blanks fic about him SHOWING HER THE WAY THROUGH HIS VINEYARD TWICE O'ER. Or fill-in-the-play's-blanks fic about Isabella and Mariana planning the night.
I will take post-play angst: I love the play's ending because it's SO awful, because it's comedy on backwards where instead of a palliative marriage acts as a legal punishment. I think—I really do—that both Isabella and Angelo got the only marriages that they could morally countenance breaking, though I think they'd deal with the moral ramifications of that about as well as they dealt with the play. I leave that to you as the author to consider.
I will take carefully constructed AU, so long as the stakes are just as high as they are in the play. (Western tempts—fire and brimstone preaching and terrible sheriffs and such. Secretly as does dystopia. Which, I mean, Shakespeare's Vienna functionally is a sexual dystopia here. Mariana would be amazing in space AU, do I have to qualify that?)
Mostly I just love this play for them, even though it's SO FULL OF HOLES. They're the clearest figures in it, and their clarity is shared. Go from there.

Kushiel's Legacy, Jacqueline Carey - Sidonie, Berlik
Kushiel's Legacy tag

I want one of two things:
1. I've seen our daughter, Imriel. A child of two worlds, a child of two folk. She will walk the old ways and the new and preserve the balance between them. She will be a magician, a powerful magician.

My son; a young man, now. Shrewd and beautiful, with calculating eyes and a charming, indolent smile that masked ambition and complicated desires. I remembered somewhat Phèdre had said about my mother. In a roomful of people, she shone.
So did my son.
I watched him grow to full adulthood. I watched him plot and scheme. I watched him smile to himself as quarrels broke out across Alba. I watched quarrels escalate into war.

There was our daughter to balance him.

THAT! I want that alternate story, from the bit we get in Kushiel's Justice—where Morwen the bear-witch has Imriel's daughter, Dorelei bears Imriel's awful son, and witch-daughter and incipient-dictator-son grow up and fight for the kingdom's heart. With lots of appalling Arthur-and-Morgana-style sexual tension all over the place.
2. Or just: Sidonie/Imriel from Sidonie's POV. In-series or post (they open up a magic college together!!). Any day in the life of Sidonie de la Courcel, type-A heir to the throne of Terre d'Ange, dating an idiot. (They are, obviously, my faves.)

Deadwood (HBO) - Alma Garret, Seth Bullock, Trixie
Deadwood tag


Beginning to end, I love Alma Garret. I would love Alma before the show, I would love her after, I would love her sideways. I love Alma/Seth. I love Alma/Trixie (the most important friendship!!)—literal girls smoking under the bleachers together. (Wow, Deadwood high school AU, though.) I love Alma Garret above all things and want to spend more time with her. I would follow her to the ends of the earth and thus I will follow you wherever you go with this.
Know also that I do really deeply love everyone in the cast of Deadwood characters, I love how much they all love each other in their gruff prickly murdery way, and therefore I would read Deadwood in any AU. (I WASN'T KIDDING. I REALLY DO HAVE A SOFT PLACE IN MY HEART FOR DEADWOOD HIGH SCHOOL AU. Class president type-A-girl Alma? Rebel principal's-daughter Trixie? Star athlete Seth dating his dead brother's girlfriend Martha, captain of the cheerleading squad? Seth and Sol playing shitty music in Sol's garage in jam band The Hardware Guys? Trixie stomping into the library and making Sol tutor her? I LOVE THE FOUR OF THEM TOO MUCH TO BE ANYTHING BUT RIDICULOUS ABOUT IT, I'M GONNA END THIS PARENTHETICAL.)

The Mummy Series - Anck-su-namun, Imhotep
The Mummy tag

Would love Anck-su-namun POV set during The Mummy Returns—who is this modern reincarnation-who's-not-quite-a-reincarnation before she brings her dead boyfriend back to life? What's up with her life? But I'll be happy no matter what with 100-100,000 words on their epic love story, whether it's in ancient Egypt or Returns-canon present or WHATEVER COULD POSSIBLY BE NEXT. Basically: Rick and Evie who?

Henry VI, Shakespeare - Margaret d'Anjou, William de la Pole Duke of Suffolk
Henry VI tag

Love Margaret, love LOVE this ship, it was whole-cloth made up by Shakespeare and that grants you leeway! I just wanna read a zillion words about them being scheming courtly assholes, power-drunk but actually in love. The AU is strong with this one, too: one of my favorite fics of all time is a theater AU. You can do, again, literally anything you like with them.

Again, thank you, and have FUN!

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