April 18th, 2011

[borgia] you bring your elegance

a barony of ivy in the trees

Yesterday was honestly the best day of all the days. Started with the most delightful brunchtime with anythingbutgrey, miss_mishi, and eleusis_walks, ended with a gilded incest double bill. That last is what Sundays are going to be for from here on out! Oh, you guys, it's too much to handle.

Game of Thrones premiered, and lived up on every level. Oh, before I start—hey! I finished my reread a few days ago! Conclusion: A Feast for Crows is actually my favourite text, out of sheer bias and also gorgeousness. Storm of Swords is the best and highest and most epic, but AFFC is mine—and after stepping away from visceral reactions and flailing giddily over tragic structure, I would just like to say that most of that book shakes out into being amazing. Awfulmazing minus the awful. Well, the end—those last hundred pages are entirely awfulmazing, but all the leadup, unhappy as it is for the characters, is GLORIOUS FUCKING TEXT. Someday I will do my mirroring essay proper. Meta approacheth; I ought to get out of this rut of being THE WORST AT POSTING, nyet?

But the show, the show, the show! Collapse )

Which is good, because that gets to be my happy place whilst The Borgias destroys my soul. Collapse )

Guess what I'll be rewatching tonight? (Correct answer: ALL THE THINGS.)