May 1st, 2011

[stock] when in doubt wear red

here come the drums

Oh lord is it ever Who talk time—I saw the new episode today and finished s3 in the catch-up watch last night.

So, chronologically, let's chat. S2 first, Collapse )

So, yeah, that is pretty much my Terra Neutra with Ten: it took me until s3 to start appreciating Ten. Because, um, s3, LET'S TALK ABOUT THIS FUCKING SEASON. Collapse )

(Am currently in an emotional tiebreak between s3 and s5 for favourites. I mean, clearly s5 owns my heart—but qualitatively, s3 is grappling.)

And meanwhile, the new ep of s6 came out yesterday, and since I've just written THE ESSAY OF ESSAYS, let's do this one in bulletpoints: Collapse )

Next week: pirates! This season: what the hell! This show: is freakishly gorgeous and takes up a lot of space in my aesthetic soul!

And tonight: gilded incest double bill! Preceded by my speed-drafting two essays and forcing myself to not rewatch the s3 finale again. I am. The worst. What are priorities? (Oh yes: they start at 10 p.m.)