May 21st, 2011

[stock] when in doubt wear red

we're two parties, two parties ending

So in the past day or so, my life has got weird.

Or maybe it's the past—oh—several months?

My point is—I recently wrote 7k of A Thing for the weirdo project that Emma and I concocted back in February (if you remember hearing stirrings of Boarding School Magic, um, it was that one), for which I have been writing backstory, rather than narrative proper, for months now. I have, at this point, written almost 15k of backstory. For the antagonists. (GLORIOUS SELFISH HUMAN BEINGS HAVING SEX AND FEELING FEELINGS AND DOING MAGIC AND BEING FUCKED OVER BY PRETEXTS OF DEMONOLOGY. I JUST, I LIKE THEM A LOT.) Which I will never be able to use for anything ever.

And yet?

Well, anyway, my laptop died midway through my writing on the train, and I was so abject and distracted that I couldn't even read. So instead I made a mix. And I have brought it to share.

So: here, have a mix about magical hedonism and Faustian bargains.

(Cover art © vega_ofthe_lyre, aider and abetter bar none.)

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(Why not, right. Call it apology for making weird cryptic comments about my original stuff all the time.)