May 28th, 2011

[stock] when in doubt wear red

yep, we're doing this.

LOL WHAT IS MY LIFE, I have been in this 'verse one whole day and here we already are. See, actually, I think fic is my way of burning bridges sometimes: did I enjoy this particular 'verse? No. But did it give me INCESTUOUS POETRY READINGS IN A GONDOLA? Yes. Yes it did, and I am only human. So while I am moving on to bigger and better things in the broader universe (NOT HARD, MARK MILLAR IS THE WORST), this gets to be the ashy remnant of my reading experience. Wrote it. Can move on now. C'est fin.

(It's not much good, but then again, neither is the 'verse? But also I am so into Wanda's headspace right now, haha. We'll see if that's a thing that keeps happening. If so, it can only get better. Meanwhile, I'm just going to laugh at myself and also enjoy it, whatever.)

the romans are at the gate. pg. marvel comics, ultimates!verse (i apologize). wanda/pietro.
lehnsherrs in venice, ~800 words

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