June 26th, 2011

[stock] when in doubt wear red

what a mess a little time makes to us when time and place collide

Someday I shall fail less at posting. (My life is not of the interesting, these days.) But meanwhile, I come bearing gifts...or, at least, finally, a proper Thing to show for the me-and-Emma brainspiralling, as opposed to just cryptic wittering in the margins. This is a thing that exists now:


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 + [info]vega_ofthe_lyre

Meet the cast & characters here. First piece of writing goes up tonight! It's a beautiful behemoth of a 'verse; this doesn't begin to scratch the surface of our ~ambitions, but it is nevertheless fated to be the seat of much radness (RUSSIAN FEELINGS, fierce ladies in charge, noir-based shamelessness, tea, trench coats, aliens, ballet, psychic weirdness, nonlinear loyalties, thematic symmetries, and obviously all the sex that can be had), and is also an enormous amount of fun to write and play around with, and you all should go watch the weirdness shake out. Because it's a delight.