July 11th, 2011

[stock] when in doubt wear red

if this was a cold war, we could keep each other warm.

Guess what, tomorrow A Dance With Dragons is in my life and I die. Wait no—this has a fair chance of being the book in which I won't die, for reasons of lackoLannisters. Which doesn't mean I'm not going to tear through it and relish every bit; it just means I'm less apt to forget to breathe. Which is, I think, a form of objective good.

Guess what, I haven't been updating (sorry) because I have been doing fuck-all with my life, but in less than a week I'll be on a plane to Vienna, which counts as Doing Something at its most focal—the Something in specific being a Vienna-Paris-London two-week trip—and I've got all the logistics in order and have been basically competent throughout the process of making plans and I am so pleased I don't think my body can process it. On that note, my Globe tickets came in the mail today and now I'm in paroxysms thinking about how close I'm going to be standing to Sam Crane's beautiful masculinity crisis innaproblemplay. So pleased.

Meanwhile, on the transcontinental thread, I wrote Russians for athermal and a) they are my not-so-secret favorites and b) that's the last piece of the grand introductory thread, so everyone should go play catch-up-cakes over there because IT IS MY FAVORITE THING IN MY LIFE THAT DOESN'T INVOLVE FUTURE PLANE-JAUNTING and you should read up on it and talk to me about it and just generally join the party in the Emma-Isabel brain contingent, &c. Here.

And out of general uncommunicado apology, have a meme to get me to ramble on whatever ye fancy (snitched from zombres):

ASK ME ANYTHING → personal, fandom, roleplay, job-related, romantic, pop culture, the hard-hitters, the sky's the limit. Bonus points for multiple questions.

It's just been an odd, static month or so, but that does not mean I'm apt to be any less loquacious when provoked.