August 30th, 2011

[stock] when in doubt wear red

nobody ever let an inspiration-piqued isabel near wikipedia and/or jstor

armoured light
pg-13; ~5600.
athermal effects AU: ivan, svetlana, yuri, in the coup of 1762 (in which catherine the great deposes her husband, peter iii)
a/n: SO. this was for vega_ofthe_lyre for the AU commentfic meme, prompted as "kgb three, any imperial court, no length restrictions" and, like the most obvious self-fulfilling prophecy ever—as you can see—it got bonkers out of control in the comment box. i have no justification for this. this is a thing that i wrote and now it is over 5k. i hereby retract my brain as an object of practical use, okay, i just. i give up on me. i do! unedited. I WROTE IT IN A COMMENTBOX. ALL THIS EXISTED IN A COMMENT BOX. i don't even want to think about dividing that up. i also don't want to think about how many gross historical inaccuracies are probably all up on this; oh my god why are all my random giant historical pieces not in my ~srs study periods? i'm sorry. i'm so sorry.
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