November 23rd, 2011

[stock] when in doubt wear red

there should be no hesitation when the coast is clear

the fruits again would fill the garden
r. once upon a time. regina mills/sheriff graham. ~2k.

a/n: i hate myself more than i can possibly say!! but uh, the story of me and this show goes like this—i was comfortably loathing its entire existence from afar until yesterday, in which i was walking around thinking how much i wanted to write queen/huntsman, at which point it hit me how fundamentally fucking great an idea modernday queen/huntsman would be, at which point i legitimately braked in my path in the middle of the sidewalk and nearly went FUCK! aloud. i am too lazy to worldbuild, y'all. so i ponied up and watched...this show. blaming vega_ofthe_lyre, truly madly deeply. and an overwhelming majority of this show still makes me want to salt the earth, but guys, guys: the queen. and the huntsman. are fucking. canonically. in realtime. and that is so bulletproof that i cannot even completely hate myself for having banged out an unedited pornographic 2k in less than a day even though i am still not simpatico with this show's aesthetic/choices/existence. bulletproof. every iteration. i am exactly this person. i am not proud.

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