February 13th, 2012

[rome] vicious and heartless creatures

nice is different than good

So, in the spirit of -entines both Gal and Val, and because I'm feeling ridiculously productive, wordwise, un meme! Super basic and open-ended:

Leave me some shippy fic prompts, and I will write you something!

Be ridiculous, be-be ridiculous. I know I'm sometimes awful at delivering with these, but if you ask for robot/cockroach otp* and/or shameless AU anything, there is a 95% chance you will Get Writ. Also fairytales. (On which cryptic note, I've a new project that I'm actually being productive with—shan't jinx until I hit, like, 10k. But it feels goooood.) So hit me up, kids!

* & if you missed it: She Laughs Like God, shameless AU and robot/cockroach otptime. 7k+ of Gaius/Six doin' noir, aka a compounded glimpse of my entire ficbrain right now.
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