May 12th, 2012

[ppl] fly like a g6

listen up, voices scatter

I am no longer a student of political theory. I do not think it is physically possible to be happier than I am that I am no longer a student of political theory. I went to get pudding with yon_lougawou after my final and kept grinning manically about it. I am no longer a student of political theory! Hobbes can eat me, basically.

Meanwhile I have been mostly just reading in the park now that it's nice and trawling Madison Square Eats (BLESS U NYC). Am reading Jacqueline Carey's third trilogy and o m g it is 5 much. She's never one for understatement, is Carey; her heroine this time isn't the BDSM messiah but she is touched by the ~goddess of desire, making her, functionally, a horniness magician. Trashy fantasy manna to me, but the babe-in-the-woods schtick this protagonist has going on is way less fun than courtesan spies. Needs more courtesan spies!

In terms of important books, though:

"Why did she love a skinny, lying mortal man, this woman with a heart like the sun? That is what men like him are made for: to pick the locks inside of a woman far bigger than he."

yo I am not at all over the Dirge for Prester John books, like. Not even a little bit. I read The Folded World in S'mac* and basically clawed my face off without even noticing. WAR STORY, HUGE STAKES, CAN'T TALK TO PEOPLE ABOUT THE REVEAL AT THE END, NEEEEED TO TALK TO PEOPLE ABOUT THE REVEAL AT THE END. Having a literary panic attack all by myself, basically! The world needs to read them and talk to me about everything but especially about John of Mandeville; sobbing about John of Mandeville as a narrator, mendicant rogue of my heart. (Rubbish rake writing the stories of the world he wishes he inhabited: talk about characters written for me.)

*Finals week problems: I ended up in S'mac twice last week. Do not regret this. There was a lot of macaroni and cheese to be consumed. There was a lot of stress to eat away.

Also someone needs to put that quote on a Six/Gaius tumblr graphic. (Speaking of things I am not over, will never be over.) I just.

And speaking of tumblr, there's a love meme bandwagon going round and as I am ever one to hop on that shit:

Do as I say and as I do, etc. I'll be hopping around people's there, strewing emotional confetti and all that jazz. How are you lot?