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the picture of success. r. lilah morgan.
She’ll wear the black hat (it brings out her eyes), but she never forgets it’s an accessory.

live to let you shine. pg. angel/cordelia.
She walks next to him through the halls of Wolfram & Hart, and he remembers what the world was like when she was in it, when he was in it.

lily of the field. r. jaime/cersei.
They are creatures of Casterly Rock—stone and gold—yet Casterly Rock is silent as if the castle itself sleeps.

we have lingered in the chambers of the sea. r. jaime/cersei.
They had lost their way a thousand times over and never been lost, for they had held hands and guided themselves against the compasses of each other.

vulgar kings on dirty thrones. r. jaime/cersei.
This body is a betrayal.

my heart is a kingdom. r. jaime/cersei.
The world is gold on the morning of Cersei's wedding.

out of spiritus mundi. r. southern gothic au. baratheon brothers.
They’re each of them waiting under their very own hanging blade.

she laughs like god. r. noir au. gaius/head!six.
"Darling, I’d kill for you.” He thinks he heard that on a radio play somewhere, right before the gunshots started going off.

all the greatest loves are the unfinished ones. r. mimi/jack.
Her skin is a map, a thousand years of fingerprints, and in every age in all of memory, his have underscored every path. Remembering it is a transgression now.

in disputation. pg-13. lucrezia/cesare + familial & marital coterie. 
“You will be married,” her father tells her, “someday.”

vicarius filii dei. pg-13. cesare/lucrezia.
There is something terribly clear in the way she is watching him; his cardinal’s hat feels heavy on his head and it takes all he has not to put his hand up to his forehead to check that it is straight. He has never worn it comfortably.

funeral games. r. lucrezia/cesare.
It's very Roman, really.

the thing i render. r. lucrezia/cesare.
Lucrezia lies on the grass in the courtyard and tips her face up to the sun.

gratia plena. pg. cesare/lucrezia.
Life and death align in Cesare's thoughts more easily than anything meant to come before or after: theirs is a Classical balance if anything is.

(half-cocked explanation here)

it was the lark (that sings so out of tune). pg. lucrezia/cesare.
By the age of sixteen, she has played Juliet five times on three stages.

you could do so much better (you said it in your letter). r. lucrezia/cesare.
Every now and again, sadness is cozy; for some months now, it’s helped to keep her warm.

sew up whatever you've done (tomorrow christmas day comes). pg. lucrezia/cesare.
They’d all come in at the same time, and, she thinks, there is something about kitchens, even in this exuberant sprawl of an apartment, that crowds with too many people.

put your hands on me. pg-13. lucrezia/cesare.
This was simpler when they were smaller.

sparkle and burn and take your time. pg-13. lucrezia/cesare.
He leans in and lets his face fall into shadow as his sister kicks a heel back against the desk.

don't bite; i'm baiting you. nc-17. lucrezia/cesare.
For good or for ill, they’re stuck together—glued by stage-dust and flashbulbs as much as by blood. And there’s plenty of blood.

my god, the way it feels. pg-13. drusilla/spike.
His skin will open her up and swallow her whole. If she asks nicely.

the cellar door is an open throat. r. spike/drusilla.
There is no destruction without creation. What this means is: it’s no fun when she’s gone.

half in love with easeful death. pg-13. william/drusilla.
Nothing rhymes with this.

looks good enough to eat me. r. spike/drusilla.
It had been his kind of time.

break the lock if it don't fit. r. faith/spike.
"I think I would have liked you back when you were a real dead boy."

no eyes in this valley of dying stars. r. eleven/amy.
It is him and it is Amy’s, and his image is not his own at all. A piece of the ravels of her subconscious. It isn’t, he tells himself, true.

a season ticket on a one-way ride. pg-13. jesse/rachel.
They are talented and attractive and life should be their musical—but only if they get a set that doesn’t suck.

you're a gold mine, goldmine. pg-13. jesse/rachel.
The rule of girls with relation to music still stands, and impressing Rachel Berry was (still is) his new favorite hobby.

triple threat. pg-13. jesse/rachel.
It’s not cheesy: it’s a musical.

your dirty mouth full of honest lies. r. jesse/rachel, jesse/vocal adrenaline, vocal adrenaline/vocal adrenaline, jesse/shelby-ish.
The rule of the stage, the most enticing and the one that takes the most work: make your partner look good.

feeling lit, feeling light. pg. rachel/mike, rachel/jesse, mike/vocal adrenaline.
The neon designs on his t-shirt stand out in the crowd of Carmel sweatshirts and leotards, but somehow he’s already seamless.

the girl is second best to none, son. pg. jesse/rachel.
He waves, and gives her his best smile. It’s a damn good one. He practiced it for years until he didn’t need to.

escapist. pg. ginny weasley.
There is only so much quiet one head can take.

the romans are at the gate. ultimates!verse. pg. wanda/pietro.
Birds above her and diamonds below: these are the kind of things that Wanda notices.

the fruits again would fill the garden. r. regina/sheriff (queen/huntsman).
The apple falls, neat as can be, into his palm with a smack, and she can spare a laugh for it, something appreciative and amused and sweet as the fruit. He sinks in his teeth, and she stops laughing.

red queens. r. ruby | red riding hood; ruby/graham, red/huntsman, queen/huntsman.
You’re not like them, she says. You could eat them alive.

je suis le soleil de tes tropiques. r. dean/colette.
When this became a habit, she couldn’t say.

two movements in green. pg. kate, colette. (for yuletide '11)
The dress stands in the window, waiting for a body.

designatus. 1 || 2  crossover w/king lear. r. regan (lady of cornwall → lady hamleigh).
This is a kingdom too; this embrace shall grow into a throne.

you can write but you can’t edit. r. kate.
She thinks, I’m better than that, and it feels like a fallacy. She thinks, I’m marketable, and it doesn't.

the dance of the seven veils. measure for measure. r. isabella/angelo.
Blindness shall be a luxury.

sea change. twelfth night. pg. viola (cesario). (for yuletide '10)
They grow up odd, symmetrically so.

unlaced. twelfth night. r. sebastian/olivia.
She pulls the strings.

designatus. 1 || 2  king lear. crossover w/pillars of the earth. r. regan (lady of cornwall → lady hamleigh).
This is a kingdom too; this embrace shall grow into a throne.

comment fic.
ex's two-step. pg-13. tom/summer. (comment fic for the doomed ship ficathon)
She doesn't call your name in the end, but she bites her voice into your shoulder and you can imagine as hard as you like.

6:58, are you sure where my spark is? r. wesley/lilah. (for the a:ts prompt-a-thon)
She blinks, Lilah. Then in an instant she is Lilah Morgan again, untouchable even when the shadows on her neck are shaped like his mouth. She wakes and dresses and pulls on her schemes before her underwear.

build it up just to burn it back down. pg. lilah/bethany. (for the a:ts prompt-a-thon)
Someone in this room might come out their best self after all.

keep the power and the heat. r. lilah/wesley. (for the doomed ship ficathon)
She laughs, eyes gleaming, and presses her hips against his until he isn't posturing for shit any more.

catastrophe and the cure. pg. wesley/cordelia. (for the doomed ship ficathon)
She smiles at him, big and bright and still disarming every time he forgets he should be accustomed to seeing it every day.

burning ones. pg-13. angel/darla. (for the doomed ship ficathon)
Where their hearts should be, they stick, the two of them caught in time.

our cracking bones make noise. pg. lilah/wesley. (for the doomed ship ficathon)
Call it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, she thinks, although her allotment for those is up and he'll never look back to take this one into account: just this once, she'll let him hold her together.

true despatches, and as true gazettes. pg-13. thomasina/septimus. (for lady fest)
Once upon a time, he could make her feel small from the inside out, some few words denoting so much knowledge, so much life that was out of her grasp. She was young, then. She is still young, but now she feels herself expand from the mind outward when he touches her. Her hand is small against his; her heart is large.

impact and division. pg. septimus/thomasina. (for the doomed ship ficathon)
It happened in increments, and it mattered in increments, and it has left him across the table from a young woman whose breaths change the air between them, whose heat he can feel making chaos as she gets close and closer to the stillness in which he sits.

sing, little bird. pg. golden age of hollywood au. sansa/littlefinger. (for the americana ficathon)
He has a real ingenue here, the kind who might just believe the fairytale of this town.

the weight of paradise. pg. pioneer au. gaius/caprica. (for the americana ficathon)
They make altars their beds, beds their altars, for all is equal here at the end of the world, there are no beds and no altars, only dirt and spare wood and just enough light to see by, made of starlight and tallow when the sun leaves them behind.

your heart is a vast stone desert. pg. western au. gaius/head!six. (for the americana ficathon)
Too well does the Doctor understand the silence of God. Only when a man understands the silence of God can he begin to fill it.

trapdoor trigger. pg. zombie apocalypse au. caprica/head!gaius. (for the zombie apocalypse ficathon)
She could have been designed for this.

equilibrated. pg-13. laura/brendan. (for lady fest)
He does not love her. He loves a ghost, and she is looking at her shoes.

a reasonable amount of trouble. pg. brendan/laura. (for the doomed ship ficathon)
Here's the thing: the roads are always going to be bad if the backseat driver expects you to crash.

a carrion crow sat under an oak. pg-13. drusilla/spike. (for the ultimate multifandom drabble-a-thon)
Witch-things die, but before that they live. They die with the taste of children on their tongues; they die to be remade.

bid my eyes be packing with my heart. pg-13. drusilla/spike. (for the doomed ship ficathon)
When he kisses her lips, she bites into his mouth; she draws her heart back out with her teeth.

next to your bones. pg-13. william/drusilla. (for the doomed ship ficathon)
With her impossible pale limbs splayed on the ground, your throat bared to the knife of the moon, the waning copper fog of blood on your lips and the waxing exultations in your throat, you promise again and again.

howl when we're apart. pg-13. spike/drusilla. (for the doomed ship ficathon)
"I'm not sacred, love. I'm profane."

lux lucis. pg. william/drusilla. (for the doomed ship ficathon)
He had seen heaven in her eyes: lucifers glowing, effulgent.

a fair thought to lie between maid's legs. pg-13. spike/drusilla. (or the freaks-and-geeks ficathon)
My mistress's eyes are nothing like the sun—bloody right, he thinks.

the bees made honey in the lion's head. pg-13. drusilla/spike. (for the freaks-and-geeks ficathon)
As his fingers tick up the ridges of her ribs, she realizes that she has built ladders for him to climb.

callooh, callay. pg-13. spike/drusilla. (for the shiny happy ficathon)
She laughs and twists with serpentine pleasure and there, there again, he is halted from the page.

by blood or ink. r. kathryn. (for the villainesses ficathon)
She's shaking her head as she turns the page, crumpling the corner.

paragons. pg. the iliad. helen/hector. (for the doomed ship ficathon)
Aphrodite, she thought, might be laughing; then again, she might not.

galanthus. pg-13. the odyssey. odysseus/circe. (for the doomed ship ficathon)
This, then, is protection, and when she leaches strangled cries from his throat, he knows that he is sane, herb on his tongue and heat between his legs.

the thrice-ninth kingdom. pg. the wise little girl. girl, soviet russia. (for the bastardized fairytale fest)
There are always answers. (It is only a question of the world that asks the question.)

lungs and lips locked. pg-13. cinderella. stepsisters. (for the bastardized fairytale fest)
They grow up together, into each other.

i'll be your mirror. pg. snow white. queen. (for the bastardized fairytale fest)
She closes her eyes, which are not like jewels; lifts a hand to her hair, which is not like night; and swallows a deep, painful sob in her throat, which is not like mourning.

sailor songs. pg-13. snow white & rose red. snow/rose, pirates. (for the bastardized fairytale fest)
The songs don't plan for two maidens, she thinks. Not for them saving each other or anyone else.

nobody's daughter. pg. the goose girl. usurper maid. (for the villainesses ficathon)
She learns borrowed names long before she learns her own.

we'll burn this whole city down. pg-13. the iliad. prohibition au. paris/helen. (for the americana ficathon)
He gave up fear the minute he looked at her.

you're shaking my confidence daily. pg. jesse/santana. (for small pairing/fandom drabbleathon.)
"You have good lines," he says.

darling, the composer has stepped into the fire. pg-13. jesse/rachel. (for the doomed ship ficathon)
No one else will ever speak Rachel Berry's language like this. No one else will notice her nerves peeking in around the edges: her vulnerability sings too. Her fear, lit so well it doesn't even look afraid. Her myriad perfections packing the house and watching her insecurities dance. And he, Jesse St. James, with a standing reservation for the front-row center seat. To be left empty.

hollywood infected your brain. pg. rachel/jesse. (for the doomed ship ficathon)
Still, somewhere locked into her aural sense memory are the ghosts of harmonic precision.

feels so dirty when we start talking cute. pg. rachel/jesse. (for the doomed ship ficathon)
If she'd been different, they never would have been together at all. She wishes it made her feel worse—that she could turn off the spotlight shine that still sticks to his remembered smile, reflecting back at her every time.

it's called the life effect. pg-13. ginny/neville. (for the hp non-canon ship ficathon)
She didn't bloody plan one moment of this, not as her hand curls around the back of his neck, as her lips break free of his and she rests her tired forehead in the slope between his forehead and his nose.

an addiction to hands and feet. r. ginny/neville. (for the hp non-canon ship ficathon)
It's that hovering she despises, that feeling that catches in the air around them as if they're being hoisted and stalled on marionette strings. She reaches out, Seeker swift, and catches his hand, grips it hard in hers.

paint's peeling. pg-13. narcissa/bellatrix/lucius. (for the hp non-canon ship ficathon)
A noise scrabbles through the halls outside and she checks her words as soon as she thinks them, killing them on her tongue.

blood is thicker. r. alecto/amycus. (for the hp non-canon ship ficathon)
The marks they make, they mirror.

palimpsest. pg-13. queen → regina. (for the villainesses ficathon)
There once was a woman who dreamed of the throne—

the call to arms. r. regina/emma(/graham). (for the villainesses ficathon)
It is Emma who is the fault, not the earth.

out of orbit. pg. margo roth spiegelman. (for lady fest)
She's always been able to pick pictures out among the stars.

keats and yeats are on your sidehamlet. pg-13. ophelia/hamlet. (for the shakespeare fic extravaganza)
She never read poetry before she met him. He liked that. 

stones that look too precious to be trueromeo & juliet. pg. romeo/rosaline. (for the shakespeare fic extravaganza)
He can't remember what it's like to think but he swears he sees the shadow of his heart in the curve and curl of her upper lip.

sweet relievinga midsummer night's dream. pg-13. hermia, helena, demetrius, lysander, everyone/everyone. (for the shakespeare fic extravaganza)
They will be bruised in the morning in familiar places. They will not remember why.

plain tongues1 henry iv. pg-13. (for the makeout meme)
There is an honesty to the battlefield that he misses every time he leaves, but here, now—he kisses her and her mouth is frank as the clash of swords

my skin should crack and peel. r. lovett/sweeney. (for the doomed ship ficathon)
Poker in the flames, and the coals tossed and turned, and he turned her cheek toward the pillow with his big dry hand, and she bit.

but that was in another country, and besides, the wench is dead. r. franklin/tara. (for the doomed ship ficathon)
God, this woman's going to bring out the best in him.

lovers who have tainted you and pulled you into the night. pg-13. lorena/bill. (for the doomed ship ficathon)
There's such room for love in his eyes, she wishes she could take them out and put them in her jewelry box so she could look at them every day.

cuidado. pg-13. anita/bernardo. (for lady fest)
She will make herself a new name, a new creation, somber and shrouded in black, a creature of the parts she once was. For she does not know how to put them back together again - she does not know how to make love to a ghost, or how to mend a broken heart.

athermal. cold war paranormal w/ vega_ofthe_lyre
Tags: fanmotherfuckingfiction, meta, words words words


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