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the business of benefiting hussies
07 December 2012 @ 02:35 am
I actually have a post half-written up (about THINGS PEOPLE CARE ABOUT, i.e. TELEVISION and MOVIES, IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME BUT SOMETIMES I MANAGE TO CONSUME THEM LIKE A PERSON) but first, holiday selfishness that's secretly also a massive wave of holiday feelings altruism, as Iiiiii get to tell everyone I love HOW MUCH.

By which I mean, it's that time:

holiday love meme 2012
my thread here

It is finals week, &cet., so I will be procrastinating by telling all you jerks how much I like you. (On which note, guess which lady has 20 pages due in a week and has finished 10 of them? How: because I'm writing about Cesare Borgia, dead political messiah-that-wasn't of Italy; I'm actually prolonging it partly out of pleasure. WORK IS PLAY.)
the business of benefiting hussies
16 October 2012 @ 11:44 am
Hi, Yuletide author. You got ME, you lucky thing! (And I got YOU!)

fa la la la laCollapse )

Go forth. Be merry. ♥!
the business of benefiting hussies
29 July 2012 @ 10:07 pm
Out of Spiritus Mundi
R. ASOIAF/Game of Thrones. 10K.
Messianism and legacy and the beginning of what'll someday be a tall tale in the chronicle of Baratheon, WV. It starts with three brothers this time. Modern/Western/Southern gothic!AU.

They're each of them waiting under their very own hanging blade.Collapse )
the business of benefiting hussies
Oops. July happened. Got eaten alive by Russian (it ends this week; that went by super fast! but also THANK YOU SMALL GODS I AM READY TO SAY ДО СВЕДАНЯ TO THIS GROUP), am slowly emerging, will make a post soon featuring writing feels and future Canadian travelogues and how being able to watch Globe productions on my computer is great and also terrible for my health, but first

Yeah, I'm that person. The worst sort of person, the one who posts memes instead of posts! And you're gonna love me for it anyway, because in the meanwhile, I will be building myself a bridge of Russian case structures and jumping off it. Pray 4 me.
the business of benefiting hussies
22 May 2012 @ 06:11 pm

This has been eating my life all day, you guys (I came to the coffeeshop to write my stuff and instead am writing other people's—whatever, I'm an adult!!) Thus far I've written:Americana riffs have been eating me up lately; it's nice to have somewhere to put them. SUCH FUN! Come play!
the business of benefiting hussies
12 May 2012 @ 12:04 am
I am no longer a student of political theory. I do not think it is physically possible to be happier than I am that I am no longer a student of political theory. I went to get pudding with yon_lougawou after my final and kept grinning manically about it. I am no longer a student of political theory! Hobbes can eat me, basically.

Meanwhile I have been mostly just reading in the park now that it's nice and trawling Madison Square Eats (BLESS U NYC). Am reading Jacqueline Carey's third trilogy and o m g it is 5 much. She's never one for understatement, is Carey; her heroine this time isn't the BDSM messiah but she is touched by the ~goddess of desire, making her, functionally, a horniness magician. Trashy fantasy manna to me, but the babe-in-the-woods schtick this protagonist has going on is way less fun than courtesan spies. Needs more courtesan spies!

In terms of important books, though:

"Why did she love a skinny, lying mortal man, this woman with a heart like the sun? That is what men like him are made for: to pick the locks inside of a woman far bigger than he."

yo I am not at all over the Dirge for Prester John books, like. Not even a little bit. I read The Folded World in S'mac* and basically clawed my face off without even noticing. WAR STORY, HUGE STAKES, CAN'T TALK TO PEOPLE ABOUT THE REVEAL AT THE END, NEEEEED TO TALK TO PEOPLE ABOUT THE REVEAL AT THE END. Having a literary panic attack all by myself, basically! The world needs to read them and talk to me about everything but especially about John of Mandeville; sobbing about John of Mandeville as a narrator, mendicant rogue of my heart. (Rubbish rake writing the stories of the world he wishes he inhabited: talk about characters written for me.)

*Finals week problems: I ended up in S'mac twice last week. Do not regret this. There was a lot of macaroni and cheese to be consumed. There was a lot of stress to eat away.

Also someone needs to put that quote on a Six/Gaius tumblr graphic. (Speaking of things I am not over, will never be over.) I just.

And speaking of tumblr, there's a love meme bandwagon going round and as I am ever one to hop on that shit:

Do as I say and as I do, etc. I'll be hopping around people's there, strewing emotional confetti and all that jazz. How are you lot?
the business of benefiting hussies
18 April 2012 @ 01:21 am
Sometimes I remember that Measure for Measure is a play and end up weeping copiously about the fact that it exists; currently the fact that Tricia Helfer and James Callis are not doing it in a theater somewhere gives me physical pain. There's a lot of physical pain related to faces enacted by those assholes: I maybe walked into a glass wall today and I am blaming the robot feelings fugue I was in. (Like, straight up, no blinking, stupid-pigeon-in-a-Windex-commercial walked right into it and now I have a bruise on my knee so I can't even forget it happened; I keep hitting it with my chin as I type.)

Other things: Game of Thrones continues to be perfect (Tyrell ot3, oh my days), my life is melting away in increments of vanilla vodka and raspberry gingerale, I need to write my first law paper this week (what the hell, yes, first, this late in the game), and I got into Columbia for the summer to study Russian four hours a day five days a week for a month. I know. Unspeakably fun. But I'm going to seduce some hapless Columbia-ite and languish in sundresses and write (Tenent Scintilla immersion mode, plus fairytales which I've already started roughing out in a notebook), and maybe I'll come out the other side (gasp!) learning Russian properly; it ought to be good, all things go. Oh, and I read Margaret Atwood's The Year of the Flood, which was glorious and I want everyone to do the same. Ask me about my feelings; they involve ladies weathering the apocalypse and CULTS.

Not even trying to make this a coherent entry. Instead:

Pick a pairing from any fandom, and come up with a location and/or situation, and I will write you between 50 and 250 words about the kiss that happened in that context.
This noise! Allllways.
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the business of benefiting hussies
10 April 2012 @ 11:21 am
you can write but you can’t edit
Seminar. (Remember that play I got really angry about? Yeah, that play.) R. 7K+
Kate wins: the fic. Or maybe just, Kate gets to be angry and use it: the fic. (Plus Kate/Martin—damn Lily and Hamish's forever chemistry.) Set at the end of the show and onward. Canon compliant, too.

Here's the secret: all you have to do is just that. Write it.Collapse )
the business of benefiting hussies
04 March 2012 @ 12:19 am
Tonight I saw Seminar, the play with Alan Rickman as a writing teacher, one-act comedy, fairly tightly paced. And then I stomped home in a fugue of building irritation about what it means to be a writer, which is a topic that writers are obsessed with, and consistently, maddeningly, seem to get wrong.
In which I am angry about this play as well as the literary world at large.Collapse )

the business of benefiting hussies
don't bite; i'm baiting you 
Borja Theatrical Studios AU, Lucrezia/Cesare, NC-17. I wasn't intending porn, but it happened. Bless. Happy Valentine's Day to Emma, my valentine, plus candy hearts for disco_vendetta who wanted more of them anyway, and much love to all. No better way to express.

"Perfect pageant. Right out of Old Hollywood. Be careful, or Dad'll send in a paparazzo."Collapse )